September 2, 2013

SWAP #14 - Money Envelopes

Sorry about this post being one day late...Life happens!!

So onto our newest swap...With the festival season coming along, we know how much we need our money envelopes or Shagun envelopes as we call them. So how about making some, and sending some!!

What You Need to Do:
1. Create 10 Money envelopes (size 7x3)
Or any other shape if you wish to. Make sure it is big enough to hold a folded 1000 or 500 Rs. note. 

And of course we wouldn't make it that easy on you...would we? We want you make the envelopes from a buying ready envelopes and decorating them...Score, fold and make your own envelopes and decorate them.
2. You can decorate as much as you want, or as little as you want. But make something that you would like to receive yourself.

3. All 10 have to be different. There is no theme from our side, but if you wish to, you can make with a common theme. But again, all 10 envelopes have to be different on the decor

4. Do keep a space on the envelope for the sender/user to write a msg before gifting the envelopes. 

5 .Pack the envelopes well when you dispatch them. 

Some of the examples of envelopes......

The Rules remain the same
Newcomers to the swap, Please check the rules and regulations on the blog..

Registrations close by 11th September. 
Please send in your sneak peaks by 20th September and final pics to arrive by 29th September....and your project should be mailed out by 30st September!!!!

Your partner names come to you only when you send us your final pics!!!

Also very importantly...we notice that a lot of people register and then at the end of the month we get a mail saying they would want to withdraw as they have personal commitments....we would like to say that please check in advance your schedule and plan whether you will be able to fit the swap in your schedule or not...also we give enough time for a that even if you have a sudden emergency of events you can still finish your projects!!! You need to start work after you have registered and not wait for our reminder mailers or last date to kick your imaginations!!!!!


Nan said...

Good swap. Just one question - do the envelopes have to be in the same style, or can they be different in terms of constrution?

Daksha Popat said... to participate but never did this so plz tell me how I register myself.