October 8, 2013

Ornate tags reveal 15 & 16

Hello all,

It feels so good to come and post for swap central.. I missed it big time.. Showing off two sets of tags today.. One by someone who has been with us right from the beginning.. And another one who joined us recently...

The first sets of tags of showing off are by Darshana Menon..

The next set of tags belong to Shital...

This is it for today... Honestly I don't even know if we have more reveals left.. I am so out of the loop.. SO if there is then see ya tomorrow else Will see you guys with the reveals of envelopes soon.. ciao..


P.S: We hope to be back soon from our break.. Just need to regroup.. :-)

October 3, 2013

Ornate tags...Reveal 13 and 14

 Sharing another swapper's tags today...someone who has been with us right from the beginning!! And I love the way she's learnt and improving with every swap...Thank you for always being there with us girl...She is none other than Megha Jain...and feast your eyes on her wonderful tags!! 

Truly awesome! 


love that little Eiffel tower charm on this tag!!

And now for another swapper...someone who has been with us right from day one...Renuka bindu...

Mannie the cat...I simply love him!! 
This is just fabulous...love the quote...
thanks so much for being a part of the swap central family!!
See you tomm for the last of our tags!

October 2, 2013

Ornate tags Reveal - 11 and 12

Today I bring you the CAS-est tags in the swap...we wanted layers and layers could be CAS too...Trust Nandini to come up with something different every time!!

 This is my absolute favorite!! Rainbows and clouds...I would hoard it in a heart beat!

And now..for something ornate...Meetu's Tags...

 Such a awesome color...and I love the background stamp...looks like we both used the same background stamp! 
Love how the charms are attached below the cage. 
What a color!! 

Thank you girls for being a part of Swap Central....
see you tomorrow.

October 1, 2013

Ornate tags Reveal- 9 & 10

Continuing our reveal...We're going to be sharing two reaveals a day from today....
Please do leave comments...it means a lot to the swappers to get encouragement and appreciation from all of you...

Today I'm sharing Priyadarshini's tags....such cute and adorable tags...there is no other way to describe them..

And I me, moi....Tejal was the luckiest reciepient of these gorgeous tags!!! Thanks girl for such cute tags!

And next up we have Sindhu...A CAS girl by heart, but who ventured into mixed media for this!! Give yourself a huge pat on the back girl!!
I love the monochrome tags you made!!

See you tomorrow with another duo of tags!