September 27, 2013

Ornate Tags - Double Reveal 7 & 8

Since we missed out on a reveal yesterday...we're sharing two reveals today!! First I'm sharing Swati Jain's Tags....I love her enthusiasm for taking part in our swaps...she manages to send her swaps to India all the way from hook or crook...and manages to get hers too!!!

Love this tag with acetate!! Who would have thought of this?
And Swati stop tempting me with that corner die...I love it only because you keep using it so much!

The last one is my absolute favorite!! Glitter!! :D These went to Sindhu...Lucky girl!!

And now for my tags!! :) I went on the monochromatic theme for the first tag...

Embossed resist background for this...

And white on white for this one...with just a splash of red peeking through...

My tags went to Samreen Merchant!!

See you on Monday for some more reveals!!

September 25, 2013

Ornate Tags: Reveal Day 6

Hey people am back....heheh ..and thanks Tee for taking over ....

Today we have Tanvi ...another first timer with us....and what fabulous work...Hope she joins us more often :)

I see some awesome layering there about you???



September 24, 2013

Oranate Tags - Reveal Day 5

Today I bring you tags from another first timer at Swap central..Archana Jhawar..and for a first time swapper, we love her work!! It is superb!!!

thank you so much for joining us and we hope you can join us again in our next swap!!

Aren't these just gorgeous????
These went to Darshana Menon...

See you tomorrow for another reveal!!! Stay tuned!!

September 23, 2013

Ornate Tags :Day 4

Tejal here today....Taking over for the day from Saumya....who is busy on her sets!!
Today we have Samreen Merchant, who is joining us for the first time this swap...and she has made our jaws drop to the floor....What a crafter!! We are so lucky to have you with us this swap girlie!!

And now feast your eyes on her gorgeous tags!!!

Feast your eyes on this gorgeousness and then don't forget to leave some comments!!!
and guess who got these tags!! Saumya!! Lucky her I say!! 

Thank you girl for such gorgeous eye candy!!
See you tomorrow with another swap!

September 20, 2013

Ornate Tags:Reveal Day 3

Sorry for the one day missing act in the middle of the reveals but my work is keeping me super busy at odd hours in the morning and night making it difficult for me to even see what I need at my home for my daily usage :(. Crafting in this mode is far from reality and I miss it a lot. Anyways having done some crying over all your shoulders....its time to showcase the tags of one of my favourite mixed media girl- Pallavi Iyer!

Beautiful layers and my pick is the "love" tag! These went to Anita Kejriwal....



September 18, 2013

Ornate Tags: Reveal Day 2

Today I bring you a crafter who joined us long back and makes a come back with these Tags....Romina Nahata...

She was one of those who finished her tags before the registrations were complete!!! heheh thats some enthusiasm and dedication. Have a look at her beauties which were almost hand delivered to Swati Jain...

Bright and vivacious ....I cant take my pick but let us know your's if at all you have ....because I think you all will also be confused on which one to pick as a winner amongst the winners....



September 17, 2013

Ornate Tags: Reveal Day 1

Hi People...I am extremely sorry for this delayed post. I know you all are eagerly waiting to see the tags made by the participants so without much ado here we have a very hard working crafter who has recently been a regular with us from our CAS swap- Anita Kejriwal...

I love the layering and bright colors she has used something that she is famous for pick being the cutie nestie bird....that just had me staring at it for the longest time ever.....This swap went to Archana Jhawar....



September 2, 2013

SWAP #14 - Money Envelopes

Sorry about this post being one day late...Life happens!!

So onto our newest swap...With the festival season coming along, we know how much we need our money envelopes or Shagun envelopes as we call them. So how about making some, and sending some!!

What You Need to Do:
1. Create 10 Money envelopes (size 7x3)
Or any other shape if you wish to. Make sure it is big enough to hold a folded 1000 or 500 Rs. note. 

And of course we wouldn't make it that easy on you...would we? We want you make the envelopes from a buying ready envelopes and decorating them...Score, fold and make your own envelopes and decorate them.
2. You can decorate as much as you want, or as little as you want. But make something that you would like to receive yourself.

3. All 10 have to be different. There is no theme from our side, but if you wish to, you can make with a common theme. But again, all 10 envelopes have to be different on the decor

4. Do keep a space on the envelope for the sender/user to write a msg before gifting the envelopes. 

5 .Pack the envelopes well when you dispatch them. 

Some of the examples of envelopes......

The Rules remain the same
Newcomers to the swap, Please check the rules and regulations on the blog..

Registrations close by 11th September. 
Please send in your sneak peaks by 20th September and final pics to arrive by 29th September....and your project should be mailed out by 30st September!!!!

Your partner names come to you only when you send us your final pics!!!

Also very importantly...we notice that a lot of people register and then at the end of the month we get a mail saying they would want to withdraw as they have personal commitments....we would like to say that please check in advance your schedule and plan whether you will be able to fit the swap in your schedule or not...also we give enough time for a that even if you have a sudden emergency of events you can still finish your projects!!! You need to start work after you have registered and not wait for our reminder mailers or last date to kick your imaginations!!!!!