November 30, 2012

Birthday planner reveal day #5=> Khushboo Rathi

Happy Friday everyone... Today is the last day of the first week of reveals.

Today am sharing with you MY (Khushboo) birthday planner... What a dilemma.. I cannot really write stuff about my work so will just go on to show you the pics...

What started off with a bang slowed down considerably thanks to Diwali... And post diwali lethargy is very difficult to break...!!!

So here goes...!!

My Planner went to Seems Enand.. I really hope Seema liked it...

That's all for today... See you guys next week for another set of reveal....

-The BB Gossip Girls

November 29, 2012

Birthday Planner reveal day # 4=> Darshana Menon


Welcome back to another brand new Day... Today am sharing with you Darshana Menon's Birthday planner... Darshana has been another regular here at swap central and absolutely love her work...

SO without further ado,

Beautiful ain't it.... Love the bright colors... Darshana's swap went to Shubhra Jain..I am sure Shubhra must have loved it..

Hope onto the blog tomorrow for the last set of reveal for the week

-The BB Gossip Girls

November 28, 2012

Birthday Planner reveal day #3=> Tejal Mehta Shah


Welcome to the third day of the reveal.. Today am sharing Tejal's birthday planner..One of my favorite crafters ever.. Whose stamping is absolutely fabulous and to do justice to her forte.. She made a planner which is centred completely around stamping... For all of us who are scared of stamping.. Look closely.. Too many things to pick up... :D

Well.. Isn't this a feast of stamping... Love the heat embossed pockets with the BG stamping using Versamark ink... And the bright spurt of color on the cover is just so darn pleasing to the eye...All in all.. A brilliant one...

Tejal's Planner went to Darshana Menon....

Thanks for joining us... Hop onto tomorrow for another reveal...

-The BB Gossip Girls

November 27, 2012

Birthday Planner reveal day 2=> Seema Enand


Welcome to the second day of the reveal and today I am sharing with you the birthday Planner made by Seema Enand..

Seema has been a regular with us at Swap Central and her work has been impeccable...

I absolutely loved the PPs she has used.. Fun and Vibrant... And the binding pattern.. totally unique.. Great work Seema...Seema's work went to Mallika...I bet Mallika loved it...

Thanks for joining us... Hope onto the blog tomorrow for another set of birthday planner to be revealed..

-The Bb Gossip Girls

November 26, 2012

Birthday Planner reveal day #1=> Mallika Kejriwal

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone had a super Diwali... Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response to the birthday planner swap.. I was totally dazzled by the beauties created...

First up today we are sharing the planner made by Mallika.. Now she is someone very known to the crafting community but this was the first time she joined us here at swap central and we sure were not disappointed...
She incorporated her vintage style into her planning and the result is stunning...

I know I have rambled enough so will just share the pics with you guys..

Now isn't this absolutely gorgeous.... I love the burst of colors inside against the vintage and that tim holtz clock die... I have been drooling over it for sometime now...

Absolutely fantastic work Mallika... Now the lucky recipient of Mallika's planner was Renuka Bindu... I am sure Renuka loved it...

Please come back tomorrow as we share more of the gorgeous work for this swap...

- The BB Gossip Girls

November 15, 2012

Swap # 6 - Calenders

Happy Diwali and A very happy new year everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a rocking festival time, and its not easy to get back on the wagon, but after holidays its hard!
So one month before the year did the year fly by sooo fast???? With 5 awesome swaps under our belt, this is our 6th swap!!

This month, we are making Calenders! Yes that's right Desktop calenders.

1. Minimum size is 5x5... you are welcome to make any size/shape above 5 inches.. be it a 5x7 rectangle, 5x5 square....

2. Make sure it is sturdy...It has to survive a whole year... so please use good support material in fabricating your calender.

3. Registrations will close on 25nd Nov. After you register, please email us your current address and email. No matter if you are a new participant or a older one....we need that email.(our data base has gone for a toss)

4. This swap will run from Nov 15 to Dec 15 following which Swap Central Will be on a break for one month

5.We have time and again requested you, please take part  only if you are sure of your commitment and you know you can finish it. Please don't give us flimsy excuses at the last minute. You would be penalized for it.

6. Sneak peeks should begin arriving as soon as you start on your project and final pictures by 9th of Dec

Do read the rules of the Swap Central over HERE

Just to give you an idea of the various calenders out there on the blogosphere, I'm posting a few pictures taken from a google search....linking to the respective blogs as well.

Blog link

Blog link
Blog link

Blog link

Blog Link

I think these should give you an idea. If you have any questions, queries or doubts, email us at swap.central.india AT gmail DOT com