September 26, 2014

Frame your Quote- Reveal day 3

Today I bring you the last of the 4 reveals of our FRAME YOUR QUOTE swap!! Thank you for such amazing enthusiasm girls!!

Today's reveals begin with Deepti Garg... I love the lettering!! Beautiful use of stencils...This quote went to Shylashree

This bright and colorful page was made by Nikkita Jain...I'm so glad you didn't give up girl!!! the flowers, the butterflies and the big butterfly!! How I wish this came to me!!  It went to Deepti Garg.

 This page totally reminds me of winter!! Blue and white!! Stunning colors and quilling!!! Every swapper brings something new to the swap...and this page is no exception....this is by Shylashree...
And this page went to Seema...

 Last but not the least a special mention to our fastest Swapper....before we finish our ideas, she is always ready with the swap!!! Despite being in another country she manages more swaps than we as Admins can manage!! Hats off to you girl!! :) Love love the page...every small and zoom in an see...

This page went to Samreen Merchant!!

So that wraps up the reveals for this swap!!! See you with another new swap soon!

September 25, 2014

Frame your Quote Reveals - Day 2

Here are our next set of reveals...
Today I bring to you pages from 4 more awesome crafters and regulars at Swap Central

I'm starting with Darshana Menon's mixed media page!! love the layers and newsprint papers in the background!

This page went to Jahanavee ...

And then we have a complete CAS page from Renuka the rainbow leaf stamping!! simple yet stunning!! This page went to the quote!!

Next up we have Seema....another of our regular Swappers!!  I love the background...sprays, the tissue wrap (I think) and the stamping!! and the burst of red flowers in the bottom corner!! super work girl!! 

This page went to Swati!! 

Next up we have Samreen Merchant...oh I love love the clean matting to each just adds an amazing touch to the page!!! and those colors! Faab! This page went to Darshana Menon...

 Last 4 reveals up not forget to leave some awesome comments for each of our swappers!! They do an amazing job swap after swap!

September 24, 2014

Frame your Quote- Reveals

A thousand apologies for such a late reveal....I'm not going to make you wait any longer and finish this reveal in 3 days you can start posting on your pages and blogs!!!

Without further ado, let me welcome not one, not two not three but FOUR brand new members of the Swap Central family...

Jahanvee Gandhi..  

Jahnavee was given this quote by her partner Renuka....And I absolutely love all the travel elements she has used...the tiny passport, the bags, the glares!! Simply cute!! 

The next newbie we have up, is Ankita Dey

Anikita was sent this quote by Jigna Gala...another new member of the Swap Central Family!!
Love the quirky kitschy feel of this page!! And I can see butterflies, texture and gloss!! Super super!!

Next up is Jigna Gala...

She got this lovely quote from another of our new Swapper!! Bushra Merchant, baby sister of Samreen Merchant!! I love the explosion of colors !!!  and those sunrays behind the calm girl...its just wow!

And the last reveal for today....Bushra Merchant....she is as talented as her sister is!!

What fantastic colors...absolute pastel pallete and I love the little box under the clouds...where all the tags go in!!
She was given the quote by Nikkita Jain! 

Do leave a lot of love for our new swappers...and tomorrow I'll be back with another 4 reveals!!!

September 20, 2014

Simon Says=> No square/rectangle Card


Today is the last round for the simon says... You have to make a shaped card or any card which is not square of rectangle..

So get those brains in gear and come up with something spectacular..

Today is the last round.. Kindly email us a consolidated pic of all your 5 cards at the earliest so that we can give you your partner names..

We will taking a break for next month as it is he month of festivals and all of  us would be busy with house work.. We shall see you again on the 1st of November.

The reveals would begin from the 10th of October for this swap..


September 17, 2014

Simon Says=> Make a Special Fold Card


Today is the penultimate round for the Simon says swap...Today's Simon says is about special folds.. We leave it upto you what kind you want to do...

There are multitudes of special folds you can try.. Just pick any you like and break free...


September 14, 2014

Simon Says=> Make a Birthday Card


Welcome to the third set.. This month is Saumya's birthday and this is just for her... You have to create a birthday card... Any way which you like...

Easy easy peasy right.. Make sure the card is a minimum of 4x6 size or bigger... :D


September 11, 2014

Simon Says=> Be inspired from this Photo

Hey guys,

Welcome to the next round of Simon Says.. We have a photo inspiration for you today... You can interpret the picture in any way you like...(use the patterns, the colors, elements! anything!) But do mention when you send us the card...what exactly is that you took inspiration from!

Have fun...