September 22, 2012

Surprise Reveal

As back today with the surprise reveal...this reveal was more as our appreciative gesture as we felt bad that for some reasons we just could have the participant on board for our Bookmark Swap but none the less she showed a lot of enthusiasm and completed the projects!!! Please welcome Preeti Mittal and her creations.....

I love that feathered man and and that corner bookmark.....the fabric bookmark also look yumm....We look forward to having you in our further swaps my friend.....and thanks for this one!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 21, 2012

Bookmark Swap - Day 10

Sushama Patel's lovely creation reached Gopi Shah....and just have a look at what she created....that fabric bookmark in white is so so eye soothing and pretty....and that quilled teddy is a sweetheart...

Gopi's cuties made their way to Rachana Patel's home....and below you can see Rachana's creation....woooo...that ribbon bookmark with a twist of rubber band attachment is damn sweet ..and lovely stamping on the paper bookmark....Rachana's swap went to Tejal ...

So that brings us to a full circle.....yes we have displayed all our 20 participants creations...but this is not the end...we have one more surprise reveal do stop by for sure...


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 20, 2012

Bookmark Swap -Day 9

Khusboo's cute bookmarks made its way to Shalini Pahwa bookshelf....and lets see what Shalini made for her partner.....the soft colors are so eye soothing and those die cuts....believe me very very well personal favourite is the ribbon bookmark....

And these lovelies traveled all the way from Delhi  to Mumbai ...right into Sushama Patel's hands ...have a look what she did with her stash ....lovely embellishments .....and good use of buttons....the corner bookmark is adorable...I think I hold a fancy eye for animals...hehe have been appreciating them in all the bookmarks you see...

Folks we still have another day of reveal do hop in tomorrow......till then see you!!!

September 19, 2012

Bookmark Swap- Day 8

I am back again today sharing some more awesome creations by our participants....Preeti's swap went to Seema Enand and you can see what she created below....I love that tatting ..she actually brought in something new on our plate...and that jewellery bookmark...yummy...and that ribbon bookmark really royal.....white you see ...nice choice of color....

Seema's swap went to Khushboo Rathi....and feast your eyes on her bookmarks below....ohhh that octopus is soo kissable...heheh okie I dont wannt to sound sleezy..but yess its damn cute....lovely coloring of digis and stamped images...and again that quilling ...phew!! commendable dear....

Come back tomorrow for more folks....there's still some more lovely creations that need to be displayed ...


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 18, 2012

Bookmark Swap- Day 7

Its the second week ...and Day 7 of reveal...but the creativity does not seem to end....feast your eyes on two more beautiful creations by two crafters who joined us for the first time!!!

Renuka's bookmarks went to Nupur Patel....below you can see Nupur's that flower on that magnetic bookmark and that fish is so cute....the ribbon is one to adore....

Nupur's work went to Preeti Resham...please have a look at Preeti's creations...that corner bookmark catches my eye  along with that die cut normal bookmark....sweet paper clip bookmark too....

Thank you girls for joining us for this swap...hope you continue to be a part of us in future and show us more of your creations.....

And the rest of you continue to keep a tab on this space for some more creativity!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 17, 2012

Bookmark Swap- Day 6

How was weekend folks?? Mine has been damn busy with more crafting and crafting...heheheh..hope you guys had a crafty weekend too!!!

Last week I left you with Asmita's creation....her partner was Deepthi...Deepthi started off with us in the second swap and has been a regular since then and her enthusiasm to create is something that I love!! Since I am a mile away from quilling just for the reason that it requires way much patience ...that quilling on the paper clip and ice cream stick catch my eye first!! The next in the series is the beautiful color combo of the simple bookmark and the ribbon one!!!

Deepthi's amazing work went to ..Renuka's ribbon bookmark style is something that has kept me in awe...and I love that butterfly swirl and appreciate your patience with braiding the entire string....Phew!!!

There is more coming your way people so keep your eyes open !!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 15, 2012

Bookmark Swap- Day 5

Iti's bright creation went to Megha....this is Megha's first official entry with us ..she last time completed a CD Mini with us even though she missed out on the registrations....I love that braided bookmark ... and the corner bookmark seems to somehow catch my eye for the color combo and quilling done on it.....and the ribbon one has a cute charm hanging :) ...thanks for joining us Megha inspite of all your health problems...and hope you recover soon!!

Megha's bookmarks went to Asmita and here is Asmita's Bookmarks....(I came to know Asmita for the first time through the ATC exchange and she has been my partner not once but twice :) )...that replica of Humpty Dumpty is damn sweet....and that Ribbon bookmark is awesome.....those bells hanging on the string bookmark are an eye catcher.....

More and more coming out on Monday!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 14, 2012

Bookmarks Swap- Day 4

Yesterday we left you with Mona's swap ....that beautiful creation went to Bhavana...and now for Bhavana's creation....lovely quilling on that ice cream stick...and that magnetic bookmark sentiment is the fact for all good reads ....I think she is one of the few who attempted a fabric Bookmark and must say "Felt" is a difficult fabric to handle and patience is the only thing that works well with it!!!

Bhavana's swap went to Iti....the young girl that she is ...she always uses vibrant and bright colors and that's what I love about her!!! That ribbon bookmark done in a different fashion looks yummy to me and that lovely color combo in the stringed bookmark is cute!!!

Some more treat to eyes tomorrow...dont forget to join us !!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 13, 2012

BookMark Swaps - Day 3

Its Tejal today bringing you some more pictures of the swap...have they made you wish to try something new? If you do try some bookmarks, do share with us, we'll love to show it off on our Facebook page...

So yesterday you saw Ashmita's amazing bookmarks...and those bookmarks went to ..

 Saumya....lucky bum!! and here I show you Saumya's bookmarks...this is one girl who will try everything under the sun...someone who researches things as crazily as I do!!

And what awesome bookmarks...I love the little corner bookmark, which she's flipped over and added a tiny notebook to jot down imp ideas or words that you want to look up later!! And that little house...awesome!!
Saumya's swap went to our first ever international participant Mona.... and feast your eyes on Mona's amazing bookmarks!

I so love that bird cage...and the little bird...need I even say that the butterfly took my heart away!! fabulous work Mona!!

Wow..the inspiratons will continue to flow tomorrow too....Drop by and say hello to all our participants!

September 12, 2012

Bookmarks Swap -Day 2

Today I get you two such crafters who joined us for the first time on our Swap ...but have been around in the blog land for long and have their distinct styles .....

 Romina's bright colors .....apt use of die cuts is amazing....I love that little man on the stringed bookmark....and that black and lilac bookmark is a deadly combo....Romina was the lucky one to receive Piali's Swap!!!

Romina's lovely creation went to Ashmita....a vintage queen...a style that I can only dream of....Below you can see what Ashmita created....Those cute embellishments on that ice cream stick makes it special and that japanese fan fold on that corner bookmark...simply woooow ....

Thank you both for joining us and we hope you give us more chances to see more of your lovely creations at our swap....

Join us tomorrow for more reveals....


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 11, 2012

Bookmarks Swap -Day 1

Am so excited to share the pictures of this Swap!!! The concept of bookmarks was simple but I guess the twist to do 5 different styles of bookmarks added the fun and made all of us rack our brains to challenge ourselves....

And must say we got an amazing response of 20 participants for this swap ....and our first internationally involved this surely has a special place in our hearts!!!

Now for the I bring two very vibrant and avid crafters creations ....

Tejal or Tee as I call her has definitely not left her fascination with Butterflies and is rightly known to be the Butterfly Queen with so many of them here...hehhee ....I love that angry bird creation....and that sentiment "This is where I fell asleep" and that ribbon bookmark looks awesome dear!!!

Tejal's swap went to Piali.....I love Piali's color coordinated work.....the fact that she does it so wonderfully amazes me .....and her simple way to put together beautiful creation is what makes me in love with her work!!! I love those colors and perfection....

Keep a check on our blog for more lovely creations coming up everyday!!!

The BB Gossip Gurls

September 10, 2012

Emboss Resist

Hey long time no post from me....

I'm just here to show one of the many ways to do emboss resists...
I do not have a pictorial post, since I was just goofing around with inks and stamps.

Essentially there are many ways to do an Emboss Resist.
1) Ink your stamp with Versamark and stamp..
Sprinkle embossing powder of choice, heat it..
And color on top with distress inks/paints, chalk inks...etc.

Which would be something like this...

White embossed panel, distressed with 4 different shades of blue distress inks and misted with silver mist.

Color with distress inks first...Here I've used some random distress inks on the paper

Stamp it with Versamark and clear emboss...(Hope you can see the clear embossed butterflies)

And then color over with a darker ink so the ink that is trapped under the embossed butterfly shows through..I have used black ink, but any dark ink can be used. 

2)  Here I played around with a version of the first process....
Instead of using a stamp...I used an embossing folder.

Ink up any side of embossing folder with Versamark ink...(the key is experimenting)
Place your paper between the embossing folder and close it...use a book or your Cuttlebug plate to
apply even pressure on the folder.
The design will get transferred to the paper (we are not dry embossing here, only wet embossing..though you can again try both!)
Pour embossing powder and heat set it.
Using your inks, color over the embossed panel....

Here I have used the Stained glass Embossing folder from Craft Concepts, inked it with Versamark,
poured Charcoal Embossing powder....and then using sponge applied distress ink randomly...

I absolutely love the distressed look of this panel...
So hop on and give this swap a try....more than the Swap, its more about learning new ideas and experimenting!

September 5, 2012

Glittered up for the Day

Hey All....posting another super duper easy way of making PP or backgrounds for your Projects....


This video needs to be adapted to Indian standards....hehhe ....

Take your CS and the side you want to make your PP cover it up with the thin double tape that we get in the market...After the entire CS is covered ...remove the back paper so that the sticky side is seen....and then follow the instructions in the video.....

Happy Learning!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 3, 2012

Napkin and Tissue Paper Tranfer Techniques...

I am in love with this technique as this is simple and easy and also allows me to copy my favourite paper napkin designs to make my own sure you will love this too....

Paper Napkin Tranfer

Tissue paper transfer  allows me to copy any design that I like on a tissue paper for I love the texture of tissue and it definitely adds for variety to the project

Tissue Paper Transfer

Hope this inspires you......


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 2, 2012

Its a Hattrick -Natural Stamping/Thread Painting and Spray Painting

Its Sunday ....and I have been busy with my watercolors since morning with cups of coffee to get these three technique out for you all!!!

Firstly, let me apologise for the slightly shaky and blur pictures as I had one hand busy with the brush and the other busy on the camera button!!!

Secondly, here am showing you just the technique of doing these three .....

Natural Stamping

You can try this with any fruit/vegetable or leaves etc ....I have taken leaves and this can be done with paints/ inks or any other coloring medium...I have taken watercolors

Things Needed: Cardstock, watercolors and brush, leaves and a flat plate/ palette


Spread the color of your choice over the back of the leaf with the help of a brush ....

Place it on the CS where you want the impression and press over it with your hand...

Thats your impression !! Wait for it to dry and go for your second one in the same way till the entire CS is full with the design you have thought of....

The same procedure is followed for fruit or vegetable stamping too....only that you have to cut the vegetable into half and then cut it in a pattern say star or any other shape!!!

Bubble wrap also follows the same procedure....put paints on the bubble wrap and take its impression on the paper....

Spray Painting

Things Needed: Cardstock, Watercolors, Toothbrush, Masking tape and Punches (optional)

Procedure: Punch out a few shapes if you plan to use a punch....I have punched out a few hearts..and place them on your Cardstock as per your design.

Dip your toothbrush into the color of your choice

Put your thumb on the brush and rub it against the brush to sprinkle the paint on the Cardstock

I have used two colors ..You can use more than two colors also as per your design

After you finish remove the punched shapes (hearts in my case)

Here you are ....continue the same way for the full CS..

You can use the colored punched shapes somewhere else in some other project!!!

Thread Painting

Things Needed: Cardstock, Watercolors and Brush, Thread and some scraps of paper

Take a piece of thread and put color on it with the help of the brush

After that place the thread in any form or design that you wish on the CS.....

Place the scrap of paper over it...and keep a hand on it and pull the other end of the thread....pull the thread out completely and only then remove the paper

This is how it will look after you remove the scrap of paper ...

I have used two colors can use more than two colors also....

I hope the steps are clear enough to understand ....In case of any doubts your questions are most welcome ....


The BB Gossip Gurls

September 1, 2012

Crayon Stamping

Hi Everyone....its a lovely weather at my place with rains and rains remind me of school days ...splashing dirty water on friends and making paper boats etc...there is something else that brings back good old arty sessions of school days to my mind....CRAYONS!!!

 Crayons have been our favourite first timer art supplies....and I remember scribbling them on any paper that was at my hands reach!!! So just remember those days and move on to create your own pattern paper!!!

Am sharing a tutorial I did long back so please note: that the technique should be used to make PP...and some samples of the same are shown below ....but I have shown the technique by creating a card with buttons etc....that is not a part to be done for the swap!!! You can instead use sketch pens and markers to add more details and doodling though!!!

Okie lets start.....You need Crayons, Cardstock (Preferably White but you could try on pastel coloured cardstock too), Stamps, Inks, Paper Towels or Tissues and an Iron!!! Yesss you read it right.....IRON!!!!

Ooops sorry forgot to include the most important thing in the picture :( the crayons......anyways I used Faber Castel Oil Pastels.

Now take a white cardstock and start making circles with the crayons.....and feel like a toddler :)....You can do any geometric shape or heart or anything..but I love Circles for some weird reason sooooooo...


Once you finish this is how it will look!!!

I was doing many designs together so will do the same here too....:)

After you finish with this......heat your Iron on one side and take out the paper towels or tissues.....

Cover the entire Cardstock with the Paper Towel or Tissue like below

And then Iron on it......I used my old Iron as I was scared that I would spoil my other nice ones...but there's nothing to fear !!! 

This is basically to melt the crayons and tissue is added so that the extra colour is absorbed by it....keep ironing till the crayon circles turn a little chalky in feel than the waxy/oily original feel of theirs .....

You can check by touching it....if you get the colour on your finger tip and it seems like chalk its done!!! Make sure the oilyness is gone or we cant stamp on it!!!!

Now for the next step......the messy part :)

I like a smudged look to just took a tissue and blended the colours ...all into each other!!!

It MAY NOT look all that good and nice now but there's nothing to worry ....wait and watch!!!!

The second one I didnt do a smudged feel .....just took off the extra chalky colour through the tissue!!!

Now we shall proceed with the Stamping Part of it!!!!

 My CTMH stamps on work with her CTMH inks and acrylic block.....


Dont worry about crayon showing unevenly on sides doe snot matter at all.....the overall effect is what matters ....

Continue the same way with the other circles.....and yess I forgot please use those crayons colors on which your stamp inks will show....dont use very dark colors .....stamping will not show on them!!!

The final look after stamping!!!

Optional Supplies needed are sketch pens or fine tip pens make the stem and leaves could do it with felt paper...scraps of paper....punch craft ...options are many..suit yourself!!!!

I used buttons too could use glitters or glitter glue pens etc for the middle round ....also could add bling border to leaves etc as per your imagination and creativity....options are endless....

I trimmed the sides a little and mounted it on a cardstock to make a card.....simple and easy isnt it????

A closer look !!!

You can also use this technique to create pattern paper for layering I plan to use .....(for the swap make items like the below pictures !!)

Love the about you????  Have a look at the others too that I did.....

The next one does not use the stamping effect ....its with plain fine tip pens!!!!

In all the patterns you can add glitters ...bling etc etc as mentioned earlier to enhance the pattern!!!

Hope you like the technique and also do hope that I was crystal clear in the step by step procedure ....

In case of any confusion do write to us and we shall be happy to answer the queries!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls