July 21, 2014

Reveal day #10=> Nandini Karmarkar


Happy Monday everyone.. Hope everybody had a great weekend...

Today am sharing with you Nandini Karmarkar's cards for the swap.. I love Nandini's love for CAS... she makes CAS look so easy with her brilliant execution..

I love the one with brown embossed panel... Looks so classy... :)..

This amazing set of cards went to Deepti Garg..

Catch you tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals..

Have a nice day..


July 18, 2014

Reveal Day #9=> Tanvi Shah


Today sharing with you the pcitures from a fabulous crafter, Tanvi Shah.. Her style is quite eclectic and she dabbles in almost everything..

Here are her cards...

I loved all of them.. I think the use of denim in the last card is pure genius...The napkin fold card has such a dreamy feel to it.. Love the color combo of that one.. the lilypad ne brilliantly colored.. the wedding vows one.. well kudos to anyone who manages to cut through it...and that butterfly card.. elegance..

These beauties went to Nikkita Jain (lucky girl)

Well join us on Monday for the last set of reveal...


July 17, 2014

Reveal day #8=> Khushboo Rathi Garg

Hello everyone,

It really is kind of weird to make a reveal about your own cards because you can never write which one you like...I leave that judgement on you the readers..

While I am a blog co-ordinator I really am not the most regular on swap central because I get bogged down with work...

Anyways, Here I am with my cards...

So here are my set of cards... These went to Tanvi Shah..

Join me tomorrow with another set of reveals...

July 16, 2014

Reveal day #7=> Charu Joshi


Today am sharing the wonderful cards made by Charu Joshi.. To say they are pretty would be an understatement... Don't believe me.. Take a look...

I absolutely loved.. Well all of them.. the amazing use of die cuts and layering is classic and gorgeous at the same time...

These beauties came to me and believe me.. the pictures do not do justice to the original

See you tomorrow with my reveals...


July 15, 2014

Reveal day#6=> Darshana Menon


Welcome to a brand new day of reveals.. Today am sharing Darshana Menon's swap pictures.. Darshana is also someone who has been with us since the inception of swap central...She is a regular here at swap central...

Sharing her swap pictures

Such amazing and cheerful cards..

These cards went to Charu Joshi...

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals..


July 14, 2014

Reveal day #5=> Deepti Garg


Happy Monday everyone.. Today it was supposed to be nandini's cards to be shared but thanks to carrier issues her swap hasn't reached her partner yet so we are hoping that i reaches soon and we can reveal her cards.. In the meantime I skip and move onto the next set of reveals.

Today I introduce someone who joined us for the very first time and it is great to have the opportunity to interact with new crafters, all thanks to swap central...

Her name is Deepti Garg who was the recipient of Nandini's cards...

Will show you her cards first

Aren't these cute.. I especially love the one with duck.. I have been smitten by it since she sent me a sneak peek of the same..

These beauties went to Darshana Menon...

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals...


July 11, 2014

Reveal Day #4=> Swati Jain

Hello everyone,

TGIF.. You cannot even imagine how I look forward to the weekend when I can catch up on my sleep... Today is the last day of reveals for this week.. We shall start again from Monday and we have some more amazing ones coming your way...

Today am sharing with you an international crafter who has joined our swaps almost consistently and is very quick too...She is none other than Swati Jain from Dubai...

She made some super gorgeous cards which are a treat to sore eyes...Here, take a look at them..

All of them are so cute that I have difficulty in picking my favorite one...

These beauties went to nandini ( lucky you nandini)

We shall see you soon on Monday..

Have a great weekend...


July 10, 2014

Reveal day #3=> Seema Enand

Hello everyon,

Welcome to day 3 of the reveals.. Today am sharing pictures of a person who has consistently joined us for all the swaps since its inception and is as old as we are with the blog.. :P

She has come up with some amazing ones...

I love love the ones with the Kaisercraft sentiment stamp.. it is just so awesome...

These beauties went to Swati Jain...

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals...


July 9, 2014

Reveal day #2=> Romina Nahata

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the second day of our reveals.. Sharing with you cards made by Romina.. Now everyone knows her work and how amazing she uses her supplies.. Her cards are proof of that.. Loved that she used all the elements provided by us and incorporated it in her cards..

I will not talk much and just go on to show you the cards...

Aren't these lovely.. I especially loved the butterfly card... It has that eye catchy feel to it... Now these beauties went to Seema...

I am sure she is enjoying these beauties...

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals..


July 8, 2014

reveal day #1=> Nikkita Jain

Hello beautiful people,

It's time to start reveals for our come back swap.. We had a blast seeing the amazing entries we got this time and some new faces too.. It's always fun to get to know the new crafters around the block and swap handmade goodness...

so starting of the first set of reveals is from Nikkita Jain.. She has recently joined the Indian craft community and does amazing work...

I absolutely loved the teddy bear one.. it is such an adorable image...

These beauties went to Romina...

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals...


July 1, 2014

Swap #16=>Notebook

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delayed post.. Just got back from a holiday and took a while to settle back to my normal routine. A big thank you for everyone who joined us in our comeback swap of choosing your own elements to build your card. We have gotten such fabulous entries.. Cannot wait to show off the amazing work done by everyone.

Next month is friendship day so like last year we thought of swapping something which would be memorable and special.. This month we would be swapping notebooks.. Preferably shop bought ones which you would alter although we are not averse to the idea of getting a spiral bound one done by yourself.


1) The minimum size of your note book is to be 6"x8".

2) A minimum of 100 pages to be there in the book.

3) if you are getting a spiral bound one done, make sure you use either chipboard of card stock of 400 gsm or higher for the cover to ensure that it is sturdy and durable.

4) You have to embellish one side of the insides. Basically personalising the insides too maybe with an image or a quote or anything but make sure that it is flat. That means no pearls, rhinestones or anything 3-d inside.

5) Since we give a minimum size please do not expect the same size like the one you have made for we don't know who is making what size.

6)How you do the cover is upto you. Make sure you make something which someone would like to get in return.

7) Pack your swap well. Last time we had some swappers sending in cards with flowers in flat envelopes which were bound to squash them. Please consider your own hard work when packing to ensure you do not end up damaging it yourself in transit because you did not pack it well.

8) Last but not the least have fun. It was such an amazing experience to have the opportunity to see some amazing creations.

The last date for registrations is 7th of July and We need the final pictures by no later than 23rd July. Sneak peeks are to come in as soon as you begin working. It really isn't that big an ordeal to click pictures while working is it. I get tired asking for sneak peeks and having excuses thrown at me.

Your partner has to receive the swap no later than 5th of August. 

The rest of the rules are the same. No sharing of swaps till we reveal them  on the swap central blog. Once it is on the blog you can share it on your personal space.

We have no issues if you want to watermark your work with a stamp or a sticker to declare it is made by you.

Please drop in an email with your postal address when you have joined the swap.


For any further queries feel free to email us and we would help you in the best manner we can.

Thanks and hope to see a lot of you join us..