October 23, 2012

Make Your Own PP-Day 7

So guys how was weekend?? I have been busy with loads of work...how about you ?? Just tooj time off to get you some more lovely creations....

Sindhu's swap partner was Meghna...she tried something called tissue paper stamping ...which is a damn fun way of creating an array of colors on the stamp image....lovely spraying and stamping and awesome bargello...have a look....

Meghna sent her PP's to Shalini ....I love the colors and her leaf stamping and butterfly PP....wow...beautifully done .....

Come back for more dose of creativity...till then ...

Happy Crafting


The BB Gossip Gurls

October 20, 2012

Make Your Own PP-Day 6

Hello Hello everyone...Hope you are getting to see, understand and learn a lot of techniques that the participants here are trying out...On personal ground, I have learn a lot just looking at the pictures and soon shall try a few of them myself!!!

Anyways, getting on with our reveals...Darshana sent her PPs to Jovita (aka Jovi)...Jovi inspite of her growing baby managed to take part in our swap and that is overwhelming...some colorful stamping and embossing there ....and a lovely pattern through Bargello....

Jovi sent her swap to Sindhura (aka Sindhu)....She did some awesome work and guess was so happy doing the PPs that she made them double sided....hehhe yess that true and am not joking about it...Have a look....

I love this rose stamped PP gurl.....and the doodling down....


Though this butterfly one is my favourite...

Do drop by tomorrow for some more awesome work :)


the BB Gossip Gurls....

October 19, 2012

Make Your Own PP-Day 5

Hey peeps.....another morning with some fresh creativity in our kitty....Preeti Resham's swap partner was Deepthi. More than the techniques I love the array of colors and designs on her PP....I love that mixed media sheet and that doodling ....wooooowww....the crayon resist colors are also so yummy....

Deepthi sent these yummies to Darshana ....love love love her doodling tooo and quiet stunner with those lovely color combos....and that leaf stamping in white over black is something I cant take off my eyes from......

If anyone of you are interested in knowing more about these techniques or those already shown in the last few days...do get in touch with the girls or look up on the net....creating your own background paper can be so much fun for your own cards or LO!!!

The BB Gossip Gurls

October 18, 2012

Make Your Own PP- Day 4

Today, I have two crafters with the same name showcasing their difference in creativity.....

Seema's adorable PPs went sent to Preeti Mittal....This is her first time with us ...she could not join us for the Bookmark Swap but made along with us none the less and sent us pictures too which we proudly showcased!!!! Some lovely techniques like shower cap printing and welted wax can be seen here....and some lovely colors with the shaving cream technique.....

Preeti's swap items went to Preeti Resham and you can see some lovely stamping  and misting effects.....

Hope you all are not only being awed by the creations but also jotting down the technique names so that you can try it at your spare time....they are not only fun but also a great learning experience!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

October 17, 2012

Make Your Own PP-Day 3

Hello All, Today I bring to you two great crafters.....If I have understood the meaning of "diligent" correctly....I would say these two define it the best....their zeal to learn and try has put us to shock...

Megha Jain .....someone I have known through our Swaps really did some shocking work...not only was she on her toes researching for more techniques other than we gave as examples but shocked us by making an overdose of 17-20 pp's ...we didnt know the swap was that addictive!! *wink wink...have a look.

Some awesome ...shaving cream techniques...bottle caps prints and lovely doodling.....this awesome collection ran into the hands of Seema Enand to be her prized possession!! Seema....is another crafter who is always ready to try out different stuff and venture into something where she learns something new...and I think that is what makes her work fabulous....some awesome blow painting and Bargello techniques

Hats Off girls.....and the rest of you....to know who was the lucky one to receive Seema's work...drop in tomorrow :)

The BB Gossip Gurls

October 16, 2012

Make Your Own PP-Day 2

Piali's awesome work went to Dolly Sapra ...She was our second International Swapper for this swap...Please have a look....Some lovely and bright Bargello technique and stamping....Her swap went to Swati Jain whose work was put up yesterday....

We displayed these three separately as it was a complete circle among them for the swap...as it involved two international swapper and only one Indian swapper who agreed to have an international partner...Come tomorrow we shall display the rest of the participants along with their partners work to complete a full circle there too...So do drop in to check out some more eye catching creations

The BB Gossip Gurls

October 15, 2012

Make Your Own PP-Day 1

Its again the reveal time ....time to show off the creative and beautiful work done by all participants!!! This swap had two International Participants and as not many agree to pair with them we had little choice in choosing partners for them....so we would start with them ....

Today am showing off Swati Jain's beautifully created PPs ...Those stamped PPs are just amazing and that blue scene created PP is something am in love with and cant take my eyes .....

 Swati sent her PPs all the way to India ...to be a part of Piali's craft room!! For the first time I guess Piali's work was not color coordinated (I loved that part of her work but I guess she just decided to go colourful)....and what a beauty ...I love the Faux letterpress and washi tape PP and the Velveteen Stamping with solid stamping and glitter...some amazing techniques and the result being awesome....

Stop by the coming days for more and more amazing creations.....

The BB Gossip Gurls

October 1, 2012

Swap #5 birthday Planners

Hello everyone,

We are in our 5th swap already.. Seems like yesterday when we were working out the concept of Swap Central and reaching the 5th swap is super.. It's all thanks to everyone who participates.. Thanks for joining us and keeping our morale going and forcing us to put on our thinking caps... :D

This time we are concentrating on birthday planners... This seemingly small book is very important especially for people like me who have the tendency to forget birthdays.. ( Although Facebook does save me from getting killed time to by time by informing me of the birthdays).. it is still my favorite book...So why not make one for ourselves to note down the birthdays of our someone special and not-so-specials too.. *wink*

How you design your planner is upto you with conditions apply of course.. The conditions being

1) Minimum size of the planner has to be 5x7
2) Minimum 6 pages with 2 pockets on either side of each page...so that makes it 6 pages and 12 pockets in total!
3) Make two tags for every month for the pockets labelled "birthday" and "anniversary"
4) Theme- kids, teenagers, adults ( your choice which theme you choose and based on that the way you do your planner)

A few sample pictures to show you how the pockets would be made...

 The pocket
This is how the pages would look

This is going to be a one a half month swap... So enough time to plan and execute and send on time...

The rules remain the same as the previous swaps..
Registrations close by 10th October

 All project Sneak peeks necessary....photographs to reach us way before 10th November. Sneak Peak can be at any stage while you are doing your projects but must arrive before the final picture submission or the person is entitled for negative marking!!! Sorry for being stricter guys!!!

We would need your projects to be ready by 10th November after which you would get your swap partners names and the swaps to be sent out by 15th November latest!!! No delays pleases. 

We will send out a confirmation mail to all registered participants after we receive their inlinkz link and address both. No confirmation mail means your have not registered properly or not followed all the steps for registering!!

Kindly email us your full address with contact number once you have registered. Swappers who have joined us previously, just drop in a line informing us whether the address remains the same or has it changed.

 A sincere request to the swappers, please take some care while packing your final project before sending off. Indian Postal system is not well renowned for safe delivery so to ensure the well being of your hard work, please devote some time to carefully sending off your parcel.

Most importantly, enjoy. It is such a  pleasure to receive the emails with the final pictures. I swear if I could only get to keep each and every one of it I would be in crafty heaven for sure. 

Hope you guys enjoy this swap and join us. In case of any suggestions and queries do email us and we would get back to you at the earliest.

The BB Gossip girls