Basic Rules of Swap Central

1. firstly, read the rules of each particular swap properly. 

2. When adding your name to the inlinkz, send us an email at swap.central.india AT gmail DOT com with your address, email id, contact number and your Facebook id (or join the Swap Central group on Facebook- since we post many updates there).
Email us within 24 hours of registering for the swap, else your name will be deleted off the inlinkz.

3. While you are working on your swap, please send us one picture of your work in progress.
And when the last date of the swap arrives, send us a picture of the completed swap, so we can send you the swap partner’s name and info.

4. As soon as we send you your partner’s address, we expect the swap to be posted within 5 days. 
Failure to do so will earn you negative points. (If there is a family emergency, health issues or no one at your end who can post the swap for you, please inform us, and we will consider). Informing us after 5 days, will be liable for a negative mark.

5. Inform us and your respective partner when you receive your swap. 

For any queries with the swap, either email us at swap.central.india AT gmail DOT com or post a comment on the blog or the Facebook group..and keep checking back...Comments will be replied to on the blog itself or on the Facebook group. 
Please do not send emails to our personal email id's .

Negative marking system.
1. Failure to follow any of the above rules, will earn you a negative mark. And you will be informed so. 

2. Feedback will be taken from every member participating in the swap, and if any of your swap partner feels that they got a bad swap (bad quality products, swap not reaching on time, or just hurriedly thrown together items), 3 of us will vote on it, and will decide whether to award a negative point or not. 
            This is where your completed swap pictures will help us decide. We will ask your swap partner to send a picture of the swap they received and will compare it with the picture you send.

3. Three  negative points will keep you out of our subsequent swap.

We want the process to be as smooth as possible from our end, but we also want you to take responsibility for the quality of your swap, and for dispatching it on time.


Swati said...

hi... i have started working on my pattern papers..pls tell me where do i have to sent a pic for sneak peakss???thanks

Saumya said...

Swati please read the swap 4 blog post....the email id is given there...please contact us through email