June 29, 2012

CD Mini 5-Sharada Ramesh

I have a young and pretty youthful mini to present today....ya ya I know I am sounding like an old lady but cant help..... she is young and vibrant and so is her mini, a complete reflection of her personality.....and that makes it special....youthful colors and style is what catches my eyes and I adore this creation Shar (thats what we all know her as) ...Thanks Shar for this fresh and vivacious  creation....

People watch this space on Monday for more !!! Till then happy crafting weekend .....


The BB Gossip Gurls

June 28, 2012

CD Mini 4-Tejal Shah

Woohhooo ....today its your stamping queen or better known as butterfly queen's turn to show off her mini!!! Yesss I bring you Tejal's vibrant album ....I love her style completely and those vellum handmade flowers with embossing are just woooow....I for sure have got inspired from her to try the technique out....and I like how she has titled the mini and continued to bring out the essence in the pages that follow...brilliance to the core....thanks Tee for such a fab creation!!!

Watch out for more......there's so much more inspiration on its way folks!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls (thanks to Meghana for this new name....we loved it)

June 27, 2012

CD Mini 3- Juhi Khanna

Hello people ....its time for yet another colorful delight.....I bring to you today Juhi's album ....I love the way she uses flowers in her album..and the way she has put those flowers with ribbons and laces have made me skip a heart beat ..and what beautiful color contrasts ...thanks Juhi for this blooming creation...

Keep watching out this space for more tomorrow!!!


The 3 stooges

June 26, 2012

CD Mini 2- Meghana Naik Sakhalkar

Hello people !!! Am sure your eyes have cherished what Jo made and now its time for some more treat for your eyes.

This mini by Meghana was a stunner in terms of maximum uitilization of a small restricted space!!! Those beautiful tags and the stamps on them have really floored me and am waiting to get my hands on some of the designs .....and must say...its a  truly colorful mini !! Thanks Meghana for such a stunning mini.

Watch out whose next .......


The 3 stooges

June 25, 2012

CD Mini 1- Jovita Dsouza

I can see a whole lot of excitement to see what the first swap participants have done with their CD's and creative minds..and believe me I can understand the whole buzz as we too as coordinators were waiting to see what everyone comes up with ...and we are shockingly happy to see the results ...

Let me not keep you waiting now anymore .....

Today I bring you Jovita ...aka Jovi or Jo's (that's what we call her) mini....I love the way she has got that frill in place to give that soft and gurly touch to the mini cover page ...she has so nicely  used stickers on the page that am itching to try it myself....and the quilled page is simply wooow....thanks Jovi for such a beautiful creation.

Keep watching this space everyday for a new mini .....there's a lot coming up and we are sure you would love it as much as we did and still do!!!

The 3 stooges

June 22, 2012

Prompts for your CD Minis

 I hope all the people who took part in the first swap enjoyed it and had fun not only making their minis but also receiving them.

Now coming to the point when you get your albums..how do you complete it....I for one, love journaling...and will be using journal prompts...Journal prompts are question that you ask yourself and then make a page or do journaling as an answer to that question.

I will be adding extra pages within my album..so I can fully complete the journal as a discovery to my quirks..

Save these journal prompts for your future reference...answering these about yourself will bring out a lot of interesting stories and these stories will shape the follow of your mini in a interesting fashion....Hope you have fun!!!

Journaling Prompts for Scrapbooking About Yourself (From paperclippings.com)

 What’s the story behind your name?
 What is your earliest memory of home?
 What was your favorite hiding place as a child? What is your favorite hiding place as an adult?
 Describe your favorite outfit as a child, and as a youth. What about now?
 What kinds of places do you remember going with your mother? What about with your father?
 What frightens you and why?
 What is your greatest joy? Greatest sorrow?
 What is your personal secret to happiness?
 What kinds of lessons did you take as a child?
 What personality trait do people most often associate with you? What other dominant trait do you have that people overlook?
 What was your most embarrassing moment?
 What would you like to be remembered for?
 Where, when and why did you go to college?
 Describe your relationship with your grandparents.
 How do you feel about death?
 What was your relationship like with each of your brothers and sisters as children? As teens? As adults?
 What was (is) dating like for you?
 Tell about a teacher or class that had a great influence on you.
 Describe your teenage social life: Your friends, dances, movies, dating, activities, etc.
 Were you ever in drama, speech, sports, pep or glee club?
 Tell about your first crush.
 What are your favorite foods? What foods do you detest?
 What color was your house, your bedroom, your living room as a child?
 What did you do as a child that got you in the most trouble with your parents? With your teacher?
 What games did you play in your home or neighborhood?
 What places in the world do you want to visit, and why?
 What is the most trying experience that ever happened to you?
 What is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you?
 What is your favorite book? What do books mean to you?
 What are your most precious and deeply embedded values?
 Where is the most exciting place you have ever been? What made it interesting?
 Which of your mother’s personality traits do you share? Which of your father’s? What about from grandparents?
Would you choose differently if you could choose your occupation again? Why and how?
 Tell about your life as your children left home: New interests, what you did with the extra time, new employment, moves, hobbies, etc.
 Do you have a best friend? Why do you get along well?
 How do you feel about winning? Losing?
 Tell about your bicycle experiences.
 Do you have a favorite author? Who is it and why?
 Describe your Sundays.
 List all the places you have worked and tell something about each one.
 What things do you enjoy doing today that you also enjoyed as a child?
 Do you remember any special fears, fantasies, etc. that you had as a child? Tell about them.
 What musical instrument can you play?
 What does real success in life mean to you?
 What motivates you go accomplish something that you or others typically procrastinate?

June 21, 2012

Tipsy Thursday - Braided Bracelets

Hello peeps,
I'm surprised at the number of people who said they didn't know how to make a bracelet...I thought everyone had made one in school...never mind...we're always here to help and Voila...I have so many videos for you to peruse...don't blame me if you get addicted!!!

Here's the channel of a YouTube user, who exclusively makes bracelets and has fabulous tutorials from beginner to advanced level...
Here is the link to her blog to find the video you want ...

And here is one video that you might like to try

 A simple pictorial for those who can't watch a video...

I hope you can try some and make some awesome ones for your swap partner and your friends and family!!
Have funn!!!

June 15, 2012

Swap #2 - Friendship Day Swap

First of all, let me thank and Congratulate you all on such amazing swaps!!! I mean, I am feeling pretty insignificant at the talent that I've seen!! Simply amazing!! Everyone give yourself a pat on your back for a job well done!! A swap well done!

I am sure you're eyes will pop when we upload the images of the minis!!

Coming to the next one...its a Friendship themed swap. You will be making 3 items to send to your swap partner!
1.  A Handmade and Embellished Notepad. 
     You can choose to die cut 20 pages and embellish the covers and bind with a ring or ribbon, or you         can choose to buy a ready made notepad and embellish it.
  The notepad size will be at least  5x5 size ..not small than that.
   And 20 pages minimum.
A sample made by Saumya ...Here she has used thick printer papers as in the inserts and CardStock for the cover.

2. A Set of Four Handmade 4x4 notecards...(envelopes are optional)
     We would like if you could package the note-cards with a belly band or twine. 

3. A Handmade Friendship Band...
the kinds we used to make in school, with embroidery threads...that is our suggestion...you can braid yours..use leather etc...its upto you...but please do not buy from the market and send.

Our emphasis is on handmade and everything that can be handmade, should be handmade.

So these are your Swap for the month of June-July.

Registrations are open till 25th June and you will have time till 30th July to send out your swaps.

And like this time too....your partner's names will be sent out on 25th July...So go ahead have fun....and do post in all your queries....We will answer them in the next post...I'm assuming you will have queries!
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