August 22, 2012

Friendship Day Swap- Last Reveal

Thanks for joining me for the last reveal of this swap....I'm sure you've been totally inspired by the amount of creativity that you have seen...and hopefully that has inspired you to join Swap Central with our next swaps...
We love learning and love sharing what we learn....
So without further ado, let me share with you the recipient of Piali's fabulous Swap...

Juhi...she was the recipient of Piali's Swap....and look at the gorgeous notecards she made!

I love those crocheted hearts...they're beyond beautiful!! And guess who was the lucky recipeint of this swap!! Meghana...oh I can say, I sent the right cards to the right person...she was beyond ecstatic to get the swap from Juhi!!

And here is Meghana's gorgeous swap!! Love all those flowers and the blooms are terrific!! I'm sure Shubhra would have loved these!!!  She was the lucky lady to receive Meghana's swap...and with that I come a full circle!!

Hope you have enjoyed swapping at Swap Central, and if you didn't swap, at least you enjoyed feasting your eyes on these gorgeous stop by and leave a little note of appreciation for all the wonderful Swappers!

August 21, 2012

Friendship Day Swap - Day 6

Wow!! What a weekend...such amazing rains while I was in mumbai...and now I'm back to the land of the drought..Ahmedabad.
Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too...and lets get on with the last 4 reveals of this swap....

Today I share with you Sharada's swap....she was the recipient of Bhavana's amazing swap that you saw yesterday!

The colors are mesmerising! the fabulous note pad...and I love the little note cards...did you see the tiny charm on the notebook? its super super cute!!!

This gorgeous swap went to Piali...who put up an amazing swap herself!!! I love how Piali carried the color scheme through the whole swap...beautiful colors...and fabulous co-ordinated note cards!!! Oh how I wish I would have been a recipient of this fabulous swap!!

If you wish to see who received this gorgeous swap....join me tomorrow for the last reveal of the Swap and then we get back to the bookmark swap...
how is everyone doing with their bookmarks?

August 20, 2012

Friendship day Swap-Day 5

Hey guys,

How was the weekend?? I spent 2 fabby evenings with friends... Continuing with the reveals of the friendship day swaps... Sharing with you Apeksha's swap who had received the gorgeous set showcased on saturday by Renuka...

Apeksha's set is vibrant and peppy just like her....

I love the note cards.. Bright and fun and super cute note cards... Her partner was bhavana kesarkar.. Lucky bhavana who received this set....Sharing with you the swap bhavana made for her partner... Who it was would be revealed the next day... :D

I love the stamps sued by Bhavana especially the one used on the notebook.. Absolutely gorgeous and quilling too... Th lawn set stamp is in my wish list..Amazing mix of colors and techniques in this swap...

Stay with us for the last few reveals remaining.. People who have joined this swap I hope you guys are sending in your sneak peeks and have begun working on them....

Have a great day !!

The BB Gossip Girls!

August 18, 2012

Friendship Day Swap - Day 4

Hello again...weekend is here..and so am I ....Today is the last post for this week... rest of the peeks on Monday!

Today I'm sharing Seema's swap items....She is the lucky one who got Iti's colorful note cards and notepad. And she surely loved it!!!

And here is Seema's Swap...I loved the soft hues she used for making her Swap. That beautiful pnk flower had me mesmerized...

Seema sent her swap to Renuka Bindu...a first time Swapper with us...Welcome Renuka and I hope you had fun making and swapping items with us!

absolutely loved the band and the cute little girl...the cupcakes are delicious!! can I have one!! :p

Amazing creativity we have seen....I'll see you on monday when I post some more swaps!

August 17, 2012

Friendship Day Swap - Day 3

Yesterday I'd left you with Asmita's beautfil swap....her swap items went to Jovita...and today I share Jovita and her swap partner's pictures!!

Despite having a 6 month baby Jo is always ready to be a part of something new.... Thanks for being with us Jo!
That yummy embossing and those butterflies!! look at that braided friendship band...amazing!!!

Jovita sent her swap to Iti and here is Iti's Swap!! Such bright and vivid colors...true to her personality!!

Wonderful wonderful note-cards...and the notepad...beautiful....And such a gorgeous braided band...Love all the bright stuff girl!!

You must be dying to know who got such gorgeous yummy notecards and note pad....haha!! not today...drop in tomorrow to know!!!

August 16, 2012

Friendship Swap - Day 2

Today I share two more swap pictures...they are yummy as yummy can get...

First up is Deepthi....I first got to know her when I was a Featured Artist on her blog...So glad that you are a part of Swap Central group....
This was her first Swap and I really love what she's done ... We hope you do join us for our further swaps....

Deepthi's swap went to Asmita....and here is Asmita's fabulous creation....
I love how beautifully the notepad has been embellished!! Amazing!!

Feel free to click on the pics to see it in it full glory...

See you tomorrow with two more swappers!!!

August 15, 2012

Friendship Day Swap Reveal - Day 1

The second swap was amazing!! I love the varied ideas that everyone came up with....and there were trials and errors, but everyone got to learn something new in the end!!!

I'm glad our tutorials are helping...

Today I want to kick off the swap 2 Reveals with the pic that I shared on Facebook.

That was Khushboo's Swap....(Even though I could not be a part of this swap, Khush made me another set and sent it for friendship's day!! Thanks girlie...the note book is awesome!!! ) This swap went to Deepthi Udupa. I am sure she loved it!! I surely did!

 Absolutely love the use of different elements, the images, the washi tape and the butterfly!!!

Next up is Khushboo's Swap partner - Shubhra Jain...amazing  (Shubhra sent to Khushboo)

When I saw this swap pictures, I so regretted not having joined the every element..the butterfly wings (please please send me some!!) the beaded band, the birdcage ...fabulous!!! 

See you tomorrow with the next two participants!!

August 14, 2012

Hooked Jewellery

Hi folks! today am not posting a link for a hooked jewellery bookmark but a link to teach the basic jewellery making which one can use to craft the bookmark also! Anyone interested would have to know these basics to start making the bookmark. Hope this helps!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

August 13, 2012

Ice Cream Stick Bookmark

Chocobar has been my favourite ice cream since childhood...not only for the chocolate coat with vanilla inside but also because after you relish the ice cream you can put the ice cream to many crafty uses :)

Yess and one of it is to make a bookmark

Hope you enjoy it!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

August 10, 2012

Paper Clip Bookmarks

Paper Clips have been my Dad's favourite to keep his stack of office papers in place...and now he uses them as bookmarks thanks to me after I made him a few as a birthday gift :) they are quick and easy to assemble and damn cute once finally done!!!

So here is a a tutorial for the same....I promise you its addictive!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

August 9, 2012

Fabric/Ribbon Bookmarks

Fabric is something am most interested in currently for experimenting with my craft projects and the idea of fabric/ribbon bookmark sounds damn interesting to me. Imagine they wont tear ! WOOOW and last longer....hmmm this is definitely on my agenda next.

While you click on the tutorials...I shall plan a quick reunion with my school friends in Bangalore! So enjoy....


The BB Gossip Gurls

August 8, 2012

Magnetic Bookmarks

Hey Guys, sorry this post is delayed. I am still away from home in Bangalore and with my net not working at my brother's place I have been guilty of posting this so late!!!

Anways, coming to the point Magnetic Bookmarks are super cool and fun to make and most importantly damn sturdy and for book lovers this is the best thing you can own! They dont fall ...dont move while you ...sleep anything...isnt that just wow!!

Here is how to make it....hope you enjoy it...


The BB Gossip Gurls

August 7, 2012

Stringed Beaded Bookmark

Beads and Charms are my weakness....I love those colorful little things hanging around my craft projects and why only them ... I love them when they hang around my notebooks , wallets and bags and where ever possible....

So today am getting you a tutorial on beaded a very basic one and the second link is for those who would want to know a more technical way of handling beaded bookmarks

Hope you guys enjoy it!


The BB Gossip Gurls

August 6, 2012

Corner Bookmarks

Hey All, we hope you are liking the current theme of the swap and to help you further make your choices on the 5 different styles of bookmarks that you could attempt we are here with some tutorials this week.

Today we shall take a look at the Corner Bookmarks.

Hope these links are of some help get started people!! And keep a watch on this space for more tutorials on bookmarks!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls

August 1, 2012

Swap #3- Bookmarks

Firstly, thank you all for the enthusiasm that has made us come through two successful swaps and we are ready for our third one to kick off!!! Am excited and hope you guys continue to show the excitement you have shown in the previous swaps and rock it this month too!!!

Okie enough of blabbering of the past swaps..lets come to the current one!!!

This month we are looking at "Bookmarks" ...yeah simple is it??? but we have a twist here...sorry guys cant be so plain and simple with us BB Gossip Gurls and yes as said before our aim is to try new stuff and pull ourselves and you from the comfort zone that we prefer living in!!! So get ready for the twist!!!

Kindly find below a few varieties of bookmarks each one of you who register for this swap is to make atleast 5 different kinds of bookmarks following the list given below!!! You can choose any 5 as per your feasibility!!! You cannot repeat the variety/style at any cost!!!

** WARNING: this is a picture heavy post!!!

A. Paper Bookmarks:
1. Normal Bookmarks- 6 inches X2.5 inches

2. Corner Bookmarks- anything above 3 inches square

3. Magnetic Bookmarks- final end product after the middle fold should be 6 inches X2.5 inches

Magnets attached only at the edges (the black strip that you can see in the inside side...need to attached on both ends)

You cant see the magnets here ...but this is made in the similar fashion as above but magnetic dots are used instead of strips.

The full bookmark has magnetic attached....this is the most sturdy magnetic bookmark!!! I can vouch for this one!!!

Another magnetic bookmark

B. Beaded/Jewellery Bookmarks

1. Hooked Jewellery Bookmark- as per teh normal hooks available in the market

2. Stringed Beaded Bookmark- length of full string should be 12 inches.

C. Fabric/Ribbon Bookmark-  12 inches full length of ribbon

You may or may not add beads below!!! please look down for another sample in ribbon and fabric bookmark with simple addition of flowers and embellishments!!!

These ribbons in all above examples can be replaced with "good quality" "good quaity" we mean that even if you are using leftovers please ensure that they are not dirty and messy!!!

D. Others 

1. Ice Cream Stick Bookmarks- standard ice cream stick

2. Clip Bookmarks- standard clips available in market

Rules for  swap-an addition!!!!

You are to follow all the basic rules laid by us for the swaps throughout!!! Main being the deadline and quality of swap (let me warn you...negative marking for the same has started from our second swap) !!! Plus there is a small addition!!!

When you register please mail us your address, alternate mail id (if any), phone numbers, and a confirmation if you are available on FB within 24 hours of your registration. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your name from the swap.

We would need your projects to be ready by 25th August after which you would get your swap partners names and the swaps to be sent out by 31st August latest!!! No delays pleases. 

Sneak Peaks of projects is compulsory we definitely need them to start pouring in before 25th August ...Sneak Peak can be at any stage while you are doing your projects but must arrive before the final picture submission or the person is entitled for negative marking!!! Sorry for being stricter guys!!!

Please mail all your queries and addresses etc to or feel free to connect with us on the Blog Post's comment section or our FB Page!!!


The BB Gossip Gurls!!!