August 25, 2014

Day #9=> Tanvi Shah


Happy Monday everyone.. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.. I had a smashing one after ages...Today is the last reveal for the notebook swap...

Today sharing the notebook made by Tanvi.. I absolutely love her work...

Absolutely loved it.. The colors the flower that MDF flourish.. Wonderfully balanced...

This beauty went to Nandini Karmakar...

Well that's it folks.. Its a wrap..

We have some amazing work coming forward with frame your quote.. Cannot wait for the reveals.. Join us for a brand new swap on the 1st..

Happy Crafting


August 22, 2014

Day #8=> Samreen Merchant

Joining us today is a crafter par excellence.. I love her eye for colour and the use of embellishments...She is Samreen Merchant..

I fell in love with this beauty.. There is just so much going on here that it is difficult to point out what I like,.. It is just a treat for sore eyes...

This beauty went to Tanvi Shah.. Join us on Monday for the last reveal..


August 21, 2014

Day #7=> Swati Jain


Joining us on the swap central blog today is Swati Jain all the way from Dubai.. She makes it a point to join us always and I absolutely love her work...

Ansolutely loved the Tilda and the use of lace.. gorgeous ain't it??

This beauty went to Samreen..

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals..


August 20, 2014

Day #6=> Darshana Menon


Today sharing the notebook made by Darshana...

Love the flowers and use of bright colors which pop up against the dark colored pattern paper

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveal.


August 19, 2014

Day#5=> Renuka Bindu


Today sharing with you pictures of the notebook made by Renuka.. Renuka also follows a no fuss work.. Love the clean lines and color balance...

Love the border.. Not sure whether it is a die or a punch but sure is gorgeous...

This beauty went to Darshana Menon.. Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals..


August 18, 2014

Day #4=?Ashmita Roy

Sorry I missed this one.. It was supposed to go live on friday.. ..

Join us today on the blog is a new swapper but an old crafter.. I have been a huge fan of her vintage work and she does some amazing minis...

Up on the blog today is Ashmita Roy.. She decided up the ante by making the notebook herself from scratch.. Absolutely ingenious and what a gorgeous notebook...

Isn't this wonderful... This beauty went to Renuka.. Lucky girl..

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveal..


August 14, 2014

Day #3=> Seema Enand

Back with a regular here at swap central.. Seema has been with us consistently...

Here are her swap pictures

I love the MDF Alphas and the play of glitter on the cover...This beauty went to Ashmita..

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveal..


August 13, 2014

Day #2=> Riti Poddar

Hello everyone...

Today sharing the swap pictures of someone who does some amazingly colourful stuff.. She has a great eye for colour and detailing....

Riti did a smashing job with her notebook too.. Absolutely awesome coloring...

 Isn't this cute.. love the tilda with the tulips.. She looks amazing.. And that BG too...

This beauty went to Seema..

Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of reveals...


August 12, 2014

Day #1=> Nandini Karmarkar

Hello guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting reveals.. I have a infection on my right hand which is making it almost impossible to type..

Starting off with someone who has a no fuss approach to her work.. Nandini likes keeping it simple yet appealing..

Her work is mainly CAS with vibrant use of colors..

Absolutely love the use of die cuts and pearls on this one...

This beauty went to Riti..

Will join you gusy tomorrow with a fresh set of reveals..


August 1, 2014

Swap 17- "Frame your Quote"

 Tejal here with a brand new swap!! For this month of august, We wanted something different.

So the theme is "Frame your Quote"
How it works.

When you sign up, send us and email with your postal address and favorite quote that you would love to hang in your room.
That quote will be sent to your partner and your will get a quote from your partner to be worked upon.
It made no sense for us to send you a quote that someone else we want you to email your favorite quote to us, so it actually resonates with you.  

What to do with the Quote

You have to create an A4 size page using that quote as the highlight. Create something like an Art journal page. No Canvas please. Heavy weight CS or 300gsm Watercolor paper or thicker.
It is not necessary to use mixed media. You can simply use inks and stamps to create the page too. If you like doing mixed media, you can do that too. You can use any supplies that you restrictions.

Here is an example of what you can make with just inks and stamps..

Now the nitty gritty details..
1. A4 page only. Not bigger, not smaller. 
Please use a heavy weight paper (300gsm or more) or back your paper with another sheet of that it doesn't become all floppy

2. Please use a cardboard to pack  your paper, so that it does not get bent in transit. If you use 3D elements in the page, pack it accordingly with bubble wrap. Before your start making, plan how you will pack it. 3D elements will get squished in transit, so plan your page accordingly..or pack accordingly.

3. You all will receive your quotes on 8th August. As soon as the link up closes. We expect sneak peeks within the next 10 days. Last date to send any sneak peek is 23rd August.
One reminder email will be send on 24th if we don't hear from you. After that , we will simply drop you.
So please think and join the swap. We are tired of long lengthy excuses.

We expect your swap to reach your partner no later than 5th September . 

The rest of the rules are the same. No sharing of swaps till we reveal them  on the swap central blog. Once it is on the blog you can share it on your personal space.

We have no issues if you want to watermark your work with a stamp or a sticker to declare it is made by you.


For any further queries feel free to email us and we would help you in the best manner we can.

Hope to see loads of fabulous Arty pages!!