July 19, 2013

day#4=> Seema Enand


Today is the final set of reveals.. Today am sharing with you the swap of Seema.. Seema has been a very consistent swapper with us here at swap central and is just amazing to see her enthusiasm to try something new and out of the box..

wall hanging cum clock

the red square is the CD sleeve, the quilled one a magnet, the flowery one the coaster and the the one with the rings is the notebook ( Kinda obvious, eh!)

This amazing swap has come to my kitty.. My niece loved the watch.. She is quite fascinated by it... 

Thanks everyone for joining us in our reveals.. The current CAS swap has some amazing eye catching work up on display. The sneak peeks are being uploaded as and when they are coming and are completely gorgeous.. 


July 18, 2013

reveal day #3=> Pallavi Iyer

Hello and welcome to a brand new set of reveals.. Today sharing the swap of another crafter who has been fairly consistent with us and is the queen of mixed media... LOL.. Her work is unique and completely out of the box...



the cd with the twine is the coaster

cd sleeve

car accessory

I am completely in love with everything she has made especially the butterfly side.. Gorgeous use of colors and you have some really eye catchy stuff... 

This stunning swap went to Seema ( Lucky Girl)... 

Join us tomorrow for the last set of reveal...


July 17, 2013

Reveal Day #2=> Darshana Menon


Welcome to day 2 of the reveal.. Today am sharing with you Darshana's Swap.. She has been the most consistent swapper ( even more than me .. LOL)..

Coaster & magnet

Cd sleeve


wall hanging

This swap was sent to Pallavi.. Join me tomo for another set of reveal..


July 16, 2013

Reveal day #1=> Khushboo


Welcome to a brand new set of reveals.. We had ;limited entries for the last swap but some seriously good work.. I start off the reveals with myself because these are the only pictures I managed to edit..( I returned home yest)

This was one cool swap.. Looks easy on the face of it but when you sit down to work it really breaks your heard and your back... I tried to go different but I hardly managed it.. :P

We had to create 5 things using old discarded CDs so here are my 5..

CD sleeve



car hanging


So here are my 5 items for the swap.. My swap went to Darshana... 

Join us tomorrow for the next set.. Till Then..


July 1, 2013

Swap #12 - Clean and Simple Cards (CAS cards)

Hello Everyone,

Its been a long time that I said hello here..and its fun getting back into the routine of swaps...I have been drooling over all the magnets that were swapped...and so so wished I could have been a part of that swap. Finally now I've shifted, the house is in good shape (don't ask about the craft room, still not done yet) and now am ready to start crafting! :D

So for this gorgeous month of July  we are swapping something that is close to my heart....Clean and Simple Cards!!!

So the Do's and Don't of this Swap...

1. 10 Clean and Simple Cards  with envelope. We do not want one layered cards. ( So no stamping two flowers and one sentiment and saying you're done. NO!! not allowed)
 I'll be showing you examples of cards that will be allowed and won't be allowed, so you get a fair idea of what we want.

2. Sentiments are optional...you are welcome to put them or leave them blank.

3. Standard A2 card size - 5 x 4

4. Last Date to register will be 10th July. And last date to send in your  final pictures will be 25th July. Send in your sneak peeks as soon as you start on your cards.  

Other rules remain the same.

Please ensure that your work standard is something you would like to get in return.

All communication to be done on swap.central.india@gmail.com

I would be sending you a maximum of 2 feedback emails. Failure to respond leads to automatic removal of your name from the swap with no further intimation.

Kindly commit to the swap only if you are confident. We understand family emergencies and health emergencies happen but you are given sufficient time to make your swap and you decide to inform us a week before the swap is supposed to close is completely irresponsible and will not be tolerated any more. If you back out, the 3 of us might take a call to debar you based on our talks. Our decision to debar remains final and we will not give explanations as to why it is done.

Now let me get on to a few words about Clean and Simple cards..

Clean and simple cards are not over the top. They are simple and clean as the name says, and without having too much embellishments it stays elegant and understated. Read a fabulous 101 on CAS cards HERE

Of course you can add a ribbon, a brad, a flower, or some glitter, some sparkle, some gems, but it should add to the card and not take the focus away from the main image or sentiment.

This card has a lot ... embossed CS, layers, ribbon, flowers, rhinestones, pearls, but yet all of that supports the main focus, that is the sentiment and still stays CAS.

And this is something we want to see in  your cards.

source - Pinterest
 Layers and ribbons...YES!!

 This again is an example of a card that is CAS, but it is layered. This is YES.

This is a one layered card, which is a NO! 

 Again a one layered card... NO

So to summarise,

A clean and simple card, but no one layered cards. Use at least 2 layers, which is your CS plus one or more layers on top.
White CS is not necessary, We want you to break out of the box and work with colored CS, but white is fine too.

Experiment, search for sketches, and feel free to bug us if you have any doubts.