June 1, 2013

Swap #11=> Multiple use of CDs


Welcome back to swap central once again. Thanks for everyone who joined in for the fridge magnets swap.. reveals will start soon.. There were some amazing fridge magnets made ( I haven't seen any but going by the past work records at swap central, I am at the liberty to make such a statement.. :P)

So welcome to a brand new swap.. This time we are going to use old and discarded CDs to make different creations. We started off at swap central with a CD mini and feels like we are back again, reliving old memories...

So, coming back to the main point.. what all you will have to make.

1) A CD hanging- either a car accessory or a wall hanging ( the choice is yours). If you choose to do a car hanging you will have to embellish one CD but on both sides. If you choose a wall hanging, it will be 3 CDs, embellishing one side of each CD.

2) A CD notebook of a minimum 20 pages.

3) A CD magnet

4) A CD coaster ( you can embellish the edges of the coaster). Please ensure that you have modge podged the coaster else it reduces the durability of the coaster). Do not have a modge podge, don't worry and no need to buy. At the swap central facebook page we discussed how to make home made modge podge. Please scroll down the posts to find that discussion.

5) A CD cover with a CD in it with your favourite songs or a movie or anything that you want to send across as the contents of the CD as a gift for your partner ( spreading some more love). The choice of how you want  the CD cover is upto you. Please do not buy a CD sleeve and embellish it. You have to make it from scratch.

So in total you will be making FIVE things and sending to your partner.

The other rules remain the same..

Please ensure that your work standard is something you would like to get in return.

All communication to be done on swap.central.india@gmail.com

I would be sending you a maximum of 2 feedback emails. Failure to respond leads to automatic removal of your name from the swap with no further intimation.

Since CDs are delicate kindly ensure that you pack them up properly before shipping. Failure to do is a negative mark in your name.

Kindly commit to the swap only if you are confident. We understand family emergencies and health emergencies happen but you are given sufficient time to make your swap and you decide to inform us a week before the swap is supposed to close is completely irresponsible and will not be tolerated any more. If you back out, the 3 of us might take a call to debar you based on our talks. Our decision to debar remains final and we will not give explanations as to why it is done.

The last day of final submission of pictures is 25th June. Kindly send in sneak peeks as soon as you begin working on your swap.

Register by adding your name onto the inlinkz below and most importantly have fun.

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Pallavi said...

Can you please expain what a CD notebook is?