January 15, 2013

Swap 7# Name Plates

Hi All,

Its definitely a very pleasant cold morning with beautiful chirping birds on my window .....and am happy to be back on Swap Central among you all!!! Its New Year's and we return with a new swap after a break so "Happy New Year" to all and welcome back ....and we hope you continue to support us like the last year with more creativity, more unique ideas and greater presentation qualities......

All said and done now lets get going with our swap!!! As the title suggests this month we are swapping handmade Name Plates ......

Specifications and Special Rules: 

1. Minimum Size- 4"x 12" (this dimension is excluding the framing or binding etc....you are not expected to frame or bind it but if you want to do it...you are most welcome to but remember that courier charges may go up due to weight issues)
2. One can use any material- thick cardboard, MDF, wood etc
3. Make sure the material you use for the base and the end product both can sustain the trauma of Indian Courier services.
4. Please remember the highlight is the "Name" of your partner and the not the embellishments.
5. Packaging should be well done keeping in mind the Indian Courier services....any damage caused during transit will not be our responsibility. We would depend on the receiver to comment on the packaging after which we would decide whether the sender deserves a negative mark or not!!
6. Only for this swap you would get your partner names immediately after the registration ends!!
7. When you mail us with your postal address ...kindly also mention how would you like your name to appear on the name plate ...eg. "Saumya" or "Saumya Mohanty" or a pet name etc.

The rest of the rules remain the same as the previous swaps..
Registrations close by 25th January

 All project Sneak peeks are necessary....photographs to reach us way before 10th February. Sneak Peak can be at any stage while you are doing your projects but must arrive before the final picture submission or the person is entitled for negative marking!!! Sorry for being stricter guys!!!

We would need your projects to be sent out by 15th February latest!!! No delays pleases. 

We will send out a confirmation mail to all registered participants after we receive their inlinkz link and address bothNo confirmation mail means your have not registered properly or not followed all the steps for registering!!

Kindly email us your full address with contact number once you have registered within 24hours. 

 A sincere request to the swappers, please take some care while packing your final project before sending off. Indian Postal system is not well renowned for safe delivery so to ensure the well being of your hard work, please devote some time to carefully sending off your parcel.

All communications regarding the swap through emails or FB personal messages please!!! We do not entertain calls, sms or FB posts.

Most importantly, enjoy. It is such a  pleasure to receive the emails with the final pictures. I swear if I could only get to keep each and every one of it I would be in crafty heaven for sure. 

Hope you guys enjoy this swap and join us. In case of any suggestions and queries do email us and we would get back to you at the earliest.

The BB Gossip girls

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