September 1, 2012

Swap #4- Create your own PP (Pattern Paper)

Wooow! I simply cant believe that we have entered our 4th swap soon time flies...and all thanks to you all.

Now lets get going about the swap...and let me tell you am damn excited with this one...I mean I have been excited about all our swaps but this one has a special place in my heart!!! Anyways, enough of small talk for the main thing!

The basic need for us crafters is "Paper"...and buying pattern paper can sometimes really dig a hole in your surely does in mine and so in this swap we decided why not try creating our own PP! Doesn't it sound like fun!! It sure does for me !!

Okie now for what you need to do....we are attaching a list of ways that one can create their own PP!

You are to choose any 5 techniques that you would want to try out and make 2 PPs (size 4"X6") of each of the 5 techniques that you choose!! So that makes it 10 PPs in total!!!

Techniques to choose from :

1. Stamping

a. Rubber/Acrylic/Foam/Cling Stamps- Stamping with various small stamps on CS or PP to create a new design. (Kindly note: no single background stamps to be can use a background stamp ONLY in combination with other small stamps)

b. Natural Stamps- Vegetable/Leaf/Fruit Stamping- Use any natural or environment present elements to stamp on CS or PP.

2. Emboss Resist

3. Crayon Techniques
a. Crayon Resist
b. Crayon Stamping
c. Crayon Melting

4. Tissue Paper Transfer

5. Bargello- using your scraps of paper

6. Washi Tapes

7. Mixed Media

8. Paints
a. Marbling
b.Watercoloring with Doodles or Zentagling
c. Spray Painting
d. Misting
e. Thread Painting
f. Bubble wrap

9. Mix it Up

Mixing any of the above two or three categories would come under this paints and stamping, stamping with misting or Bargello and washi tapes with stamping etc.....the combos are plenty and it all depends on your imaginations and creativity!!!

We shall be posting tutorials/inspirations/samples/photographs and links for your references so keep watching out this space for more and more :)

Rules for the Swap!!

You are to follow all the basic rules laid by us for the swaps throughout!!! Main being the deadline and quality of swap  Plus there is a small addition!!!

When you register please mail us your address, alternate mail id (if any), phone numbers, and a confirmation if you are available on FB within 24 hours of your registration. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your name from the swap.

We would need your projects to be ready by 25th September after which you would get your swap partners names and the swaps to be sent out by 30th September latest!!! No delays pleases. 

Sneak Peaks of projects is compulsory we definitely need them to start pouring in before 25th September ...Sneak Peak can be at any stage while you are doing your projects but must arrive before the final picture submission or the person is entitled for negative marking!!! Sorry for being stricter guys!!!

We will send out a confirmation mail to all registered participants after we receive their inlinkz link and address both. No confirmation mail means your have not registered properly or not followed all the steps for registering!!

 Call for International Partnering!! 

Anyone who is fine to send swaps abroad ..please mention the same along with your address mail....we do not want to burden anyone but believe me its fun to know your Indian counterparts abroad


Piali said...

Awesome idea!! I'm in...
International partner is okay with me!!
My Linky is on a vacation I think...I'll check back later.

megha said...

nice interesting idea.but i did'nt got this point .plz explain-no single background stamps to be can use a background stamp ONLY in combination with other small stamps)

Saumya said...

hey megha, it just means that you cannot stamp one background stamp on a CS and consider it to be a PP should used more stamps that is, the smaller ones too with the background stamp to create a nice pattern....or use many smaller stamps to create a pattern or design

MemoryDecorator said...

The deal is to create 10 PP using any of the five techniques (2 PP each of 1 pattern). On the 25th I will receive the name of my partner (1 person) and I send the Papers to her.....Hope I have got it right.

Saumya said...

yess you have got it right..just that you make 2PP of "same technique" not "1 pattern" the patterns should vary that its not boring for you or for the person who receives it...more the variety ...more the fun...rite???

Swati said...

i would love to take part..i live in Dubai, U.A.E. pls count me in

Saumya said...

Hi swati ..all registrations are through inlinkz only....and we welcome our international friends to take part!!!

Swati said...

i think i have registered......rightly.....:)

Kishley said...

I would like to join in, though i am very skeptical. Last time i sent my swap to Khushboo, it got lost in the *international* mail :( :(

Sindhu said...

Hi! Could you pls let me know the specification of thickness of the paper that has to be used? Can i make my pps with cardstock?