September 2, 2012

Its a Hattrick -Natural Stamping/Thread Painting and Spray Painting

Its Sunday ....and I have been busy with my watercolors since morning with cups of coffee to get these three technique out for you all!!!

Firstly, let me apologise for the slightly shaky and blur pictures as I had one hand busy with the brush and the other busy on the camera button!!!

Secondly, here am showing you just the technique of doing these three .....

Natural Stamping

You can try this with any fruit/vegetable or leaves etc ....I have taken leaves and this can be done with paints/ inks or any other coloring medium...I have taken watercolors

Things Needed: Cardstock, watercolors and brush, leaves and a flat plate/ palette


Spread the color of your choice over the back of the leaf with the help of a brush ....

Place it on the CS where you want the impression and press over it with your hand...

Thats your impression !! Wait for it to dry and go for your second one in the same way till the entire CS is full with the design you have thought of....

The same procedure is followed for fruit or vegetable stamping too....only that you have to cut the vegetable into half and then cut it in a pattern say star or any other shape!!!

Bubble wrap also follows the same procedure....put paints on the bubble wrap and take its impression on the paper....

Spray Painting

Things Needed: Cardstock, Watercolors, Toothbrush, Masking tape and Punches (optional)

Procedure: Punch out a few shapes if you plan to use a punch....I have punched out a few hearts..and place them on your Cardstock as per your design.

Dip your toothbrush into the color of your choice

Put your thumb on the brush and rub it against the brush to sprinkle the paint on the Cardstock

I have used two colors ..You can use more than two colors also as per your design

After you finish remove the punched shapes (hearts in my case)

Here you are ....continue the same way for the full CS..

You can use the colored punched shapes somewhere else in some other project!!!

Thread Painting

Things Needed: Cardstock, Watercolors and Brush, Thread and some scraps of paper

Take a piece of thread and put color on it with the help of the brush

After that place the thread in any form or design that you wish on the CS.....

Place the scrap of paper over it...and keep a hand on it and pull the other end of the thread....pull the thread out completely and only then remove the paper

This is how it will look after you remove the scrap of paper ...

I have used two colors can use more than two colors also....

I hope the steps are clear enough to understand ....In case of any doubts your questions are most welcome ....


The BB Gossip Gurls

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Awesome tehniques !