September 25, 2014

Frame your Quote Reveals - Day 2

Here are our next set of reveals...
Today I bring to you pages from 4 more awesome crafters and regulars at Swap Central

I'm starting with Darshana Menon's mixed media page!! love the layers and newsprint papers in the background!

This page went to Jahanavee ...

And then we have a complete CAS page from Renuka the rainbow leaf stamping!! simple yet stunning!! This page went to the quote!!

Next up we have Seema....another of our regular Swappers!!  I love the background...sprays, the tissue wrap (I think) and the stamping!! and the burst of red flowers in the bottom corner!! super work girl!! 

This page went to Swati!! 

Next up we have Samreen Merchant...oh I love love the clean matting to each just adds an amazing touch to the page!!! and those colors! Faab! This page went to Darshana Menon...

 Last 4 reveals up not forget to leave some awesome comments for each of our swappers!! They do an amazing job swap after swap!

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