June 1, 2014

Swap #15=> Choose Your Pick

Hello Guys,

We are back after a very short break ( JUST 8 months, LOL!!). There was just a major upheaval in all our lives. Saumya got busy with work, Tejal was shifting, I was married.. SO basically all of us got lost in our own web of things. Now slowly and steadily things are getting back to normal and we are hoping that we can we can get swap central up and running as it was very very soon. There were a lot of requests from you guys  asking us to get back and we are trying to do just that.

This time we are doing a card swap but with a twist. We are giving you a list of elements to choose from to make your cards. We never have enough cards ready when we want to give it to someone. So, here is your chance to get yourself back to the crafting groove.

What you have to make

5 cards of minimum size 4x6 with envelopes using the elements being listed below. Each card has to be different. Please Do Not Give us 5 of the same. You might want to repeat the elements in your cards which is ok. But it has to be different in design. Ensure good sturdy card stock is used to make your cards. We will now be getting strict with the kind of materials and swap you create.

The Elements are as listed below. You have to choose one element from each Row to make your card. One element from each is COMPULSORY.
You may use 2 elements from a particular column too which is ok with us. The bottomline is one element from each column. Anything over and above that is a bonus.
 For e.g I might be making a birthday card with the option of layers. From embellishments I might use flowers, butterflies and bling with say dies and colored image.

NOTE:- Just distressing edges would not count as using distress inks. A more visible use is to be made when using that product to work with.

For general rules please read the FAQ post before joining the swap.

From this swap on we would be sending you only ONE reminder email for the status of your swap. If for any reason you do not give us a reply within 48 hours, you will be removed from the list of swappers. We got tired of hounding after some of the miscreants.

Make something you would like to receive. Use good quality products. We would be keeping a keen eye on the kind of products you use. Like we always say. Please make something you would like to receive in return.

We now reserve the right to stop someone from joining a swap. 

Registrations begin from the 1st of June and would be on till the 7th . From now on registrations would be open for a week. 

Work in progress pictures are to be sent as soon as you finish 25% of your work. When and how soon we leave it to you... 

The final pictures are to be emailed to us by the 23rd after which you get your partner names.

The package has to reach your partner no later than the 5th of July. If we receive complains for late delivery, Black mark.

Please ensure that you pack up the swap well.


Swati said...

Please count me in for the swap... I will use an Indian address

Charu Joshi said...

This is something interesting... Wud like yo join..

Nan said...

Yeah! Been waiting for this for a long time. Glad the swaps are back.

Neha Tulsyan said...

Been waiting for soooooooooo long (8months)....!!
Very Happy..:)

shalu shahani said...

Am a new member to your group.....would love to join and swap!