July 16, 2013

Reveal day #1=> Khushboo


Welcome to a brand new set of reveals.. We had ;limited entries for the last swap but some seriously good work.. I start off the reveals with myself because these are the only pictures I managed to edit..( I returned home yest)

This was one cool swap.. Looks easy on the face of it but when you sit down to work it really breaks your heard and your back... I tried to go different but I hardly managed it.. :P

We had to create 5 things using old discarded CDs so here are my 5..

CD sleeve



car hanging


So here are my 5 items for the swap.. My swap went to Darshana... 

Join us tomorrow for the next set.. Till Then..



MemoryDecorator said...

Lovely and colorful! My fav the CD sleeve....the flowers were nice. Thanks.....loved all of them.

Sindhu said...

Awesome! CD sleeve is my fav too :)

Nan said...

Lovely work, Khushboo. I especially loved the magnet and the coaster

Pallavi said...

Fab work.I like everything you made especially the coaster.I am a bit ashamed of my coaster and cd sleeve.:-(.You are right about this project not being as easy as it sounded,but it was fun.:-)

Tejal said...

Khush!! looob all of them!! supah!!