March 29, 2013

reaveal day 5=> Nandini Karmarkar

Last day of the week... Today am sharing Nandini's work... Nandini's work is creative in terms that she uses origami and there are very few people I know who actually use origami so amazingly... :D

I won't even ramble much.. Just see the pics and judge for yourself...

double diagonal fold

Easel cards (closed view)

petal card

spring card set-1

spring card set-2

 teepe set 1

teepee set 2

Are these not gorgeous.. SImple yet catches your eye... especially loved the petal card... :D

See you on Monday for a fresh start of reveal..

Oops Nandini's swap went to Preeti Mittal

- The BB Girls


Sindhu said...

Oh wow! Super fun cards! I too love the petal cards..also the easel card with water melon! :)

MEGHA-DT and free lancer at KB. said...

beautiful creation ...preeti lucky to have them.

Tejal said...

Such cute cute cards!! I loved the watermelon card, the baby card, and the petal cards are just wow!!!
Super job Nan!!

Reusing with Quilling said...

Wow ! Wonderful n interesting folds ! I got to know new folds thanks nandini ..I loved the water melon one !

Pallavi said...

Great cards.Amazing how much effort must have gone into creating so many cards by each of the swappers.Great job!

Saumya said...

awesome folds