August 17, 2012

Friendship Day Swap - Day 3

Yesterday I'd left you with Asmita's beautfil swap....her swap items went to Jovita...and today I share Jovita and her swap partner's pictures!!

Despite having a 6 month baby Jo is always ready to be a part of something new.... Thanks for being with us Jo!
That yummy embossing and those butterflies!! look at that braided friendship band...amazing!!!

Jovita sent her swap to Iti and here is Iti's Swap!! Such bright and vivid colors...true to her personality!!

Wonderful wonderful note-cards...and the notepad...beautiful....And such a gorgeous braided band...Love all the bright stuff girl!!

You must be dying to know who got such gorgeous yummy notecards and note pad....haha!! not today...drop in tomorrow to know!!!

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