June 22, 2012

Prompts for your CD Minis

 I hope all the people who took part in the first swap enjoyed it and had fun not only making their minis but also receiving them.

Now coming to the point when you get your albums..how do you complete it....I for one, love journaling...and will be using journal prompts...Journal prompts are question that you ask yourself and then make a page or do journaling as an answer to that question.

I will be adding extra pages within my album..so I can fully complete the journal as a discovery to my quirks..

Save these journal prompts for your future reference...answering these about yourself will bring out a lot of interesting stories and these stories will shape the follow of your mini in a interesting fashion....Hope you have fun!!!

Journaling Prompts for Scrapbooking About Yourself (From paperclippings.com)

 What’s the story behind your name?
 What is your earliest memory of home?
 What was your favorite hiding place as a child? What is your favorite hiding place as an adult?
 Describe your favorite outfit as a child, and as a youth. What about now?
 What kinds of places do you remember going with your mother? What about with your father?
 What frightens you and why?
 What is your greatest joy? Greatest sorrow?
 What is your personal secret to happiness?
 What kinds of lessons did you take as a child?
 What personality trait do people most often associate with you? What other dominant trait do you have that people overlook?
 What was your most embarrassing moment?
 What would you like to be remembered for?
 Where, when and why did you go to college?
 Describe your relationship with your grandparents.
 How do you feel about death?
 What was your relationship like with each of your brothers and sisters as children? As teens? As adults?
 What was (is) dating like for you?
 Tell about a teacher or class that had a great influence on you.
 Describe your teenage social life: Your friends, dances, movies, dating, activities, etc.
 Were you ever in drama, speech, sports, pep or glee club?
 Tell about your first crush.
 What are your favorite foods? What foods do you detest?
 What color was your house, your bedroom, your living room as a child?
 What did you do as a child that got you in the most trouble with your parents? With your teacher?
 What games did you play in your home or neighborhood?
 What places in the world do you want to visit, and why?
 What is the most trying experience that ever happened to you?
 What is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you?
 What is your favorite book? What do books mean to you?
 What are your most precious and deeply embedded values?
 Where is the most exciting place you have ever been? What made it interesting?
 Which of your mother’s personality traits do you share? Which of your father’s? What about from grandparents?
Would you choose differently if you could choose your occupation again? Why and how?
 Tell about your life as your children left home: New interests, what you did with the extra time, new employment, moves, hobbies, etc.
 Do you have a best friend? Why do you get along well?
 How do you feel about winning? Losing?
 Tell about your bicycle experiences.
 Do you have a favorite author? Who is it and why?
 Describe your Sundays.
 List all the places you have worked and tell something about each one.
 What things do you enjoy doing today that you also enjoyed as a child?
 Do you remember any special fears, fantasies, etc. that you had as a child? Tell about them.
 What musical instrument can you play?
 What does real success in life mean to you?
 What motivates you go accomplish something that you or others typically procrastinate?

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1980 said...

Hey there,

Even I love journalling a lot and write to crib long letters in the gifts I give... ( MY hubs get tired of reading them :) ) I have included lots of journalling questions in the mini I made ...