May 10, 2012

Tipsy Thursday - #2

So have you all begun your hunt for your or your husband's old CD's? I surely have. Now that you've got your CD's what next? How to create a blank album if you've never done before?

Help is at hand..for those who love playing with sketches...I've got a few sketches to share with you...But mind you...these are for large 12x12 will need to scale them down, keeping in mind the scale of the CD's. But you can always skip out a few elements and create your pages...

Pic courtesy -
pic courtesy -
For a printable file of these sketches...hop on over to most favorite and trusted site for sketches.

For any further questions do write in and I shall answer them to the best of my ability!

Have a nice day


The 3 Stooges

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