April 28, 2012

Welcome to Swap Central

Hi, on behalf of us, The 3 musketeers, or  The 3 stooges or The 3 idiots (whatever you may want to call us) let me welcome you.

Last month we had done an impromptu Scrap swap and we loved doing it so much that we decided to do more. And go beyond the normal papers, embellishments etc. 

We are doing a complete handmade item swap. To mix up things, we will have easy swaps too like, supply swaps..as in embellishments, papers, buttons etc. 

I can hear a lot of questions..so let me get down to it and tell you what Swap Central is all about. 

1 –  What is a swap? And what are we swapping?
A swap is a an exchange of items – to put it in the most simplest of terms.
Getting something new in exchange for something you had for a long time. But that applies to Supply swaps.
With this Swap Group, we aim to exchange hand made products. It could range from notecards, to friendship cards, to birthday cards, recipe page swap, mini albums, tags, bookmarks…anything that is handmade and easy to mail across.

2 – What is new about this Swap Central.
We are going to be give negative rankings/points  to those who do not participate in the spirit of the swap.
Just because it’s a swap doesn’t mean you use inferior quality products or make it half heartedly in the hope of receiving something good and free from some other crafter. 3 consecutive negative points will mean you will be kept out of the subsequent swaps

We will be requesting you to take photos of your project before you send it out, and will ask the receiver to take photos after they receive it. In case the receiver feels that they got a raw deal, your photos will be the deal breaker. If 3 of us feel that the negative ranking is justified, you will be blacklisted and a negative point awarded to you.
Eg- in a DP swap, you send out 10 thin papers that are less than 100 gsm, and hope to get branded or good quality DP’s…that will be a negative point for you. We will set criteria for each swap…so if we ask for papers with 120 gsm and above, please don’t participate if you don’t have any. We want the swap to be fair for all.

- Also the names of your partner will be given to you at the end of the swap...5 days before the swap closes..to avoid any favoritism. If you can show us that you swap is ready before the deadline, we'll give you the partners name before the last 5 days... Lets see how this idea works.  

3. What if I don’t have all branded papers or products?
The quality of your work will speak for itself. If you are true in the spirit of the swap and you are not out there just to get a good freebie from the other crafter, we will consider your intention. 

Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. I would love to see you participate in this discussion and will answer as much as we can.

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